39 Free Web Services & Tools To Monitor Website Downtime

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An online portal of your business brings traffic and the last thing we want is for the site to go down for wahtever reason. Various factors could lead to downtime and one of the ways we can stay on top of such an occurrence is to monitor site uptime and downtime, and receive notifications if a site goes down.

In this post, we’re showcasing free online services to monitor website uptime as well as downtime. Some of them come with pricing plans for better and more features that may be helpful to you but the highlight focuses on.

PingMySite. Supports 1 site, checks the site every minute from 31 locations and sends performance reports via SMS, email and push notifications.

Monitoshi. Free tool that monitors unlimited website URLs, sends email whenever the site is down. Has simple API to create a status page or send a tweet when a site goes down.

WatchSumo. Free tool that sends instant reports via email or webhook, no limit on URLs to monitor. Generates a 24-hour mean response time for an overall look.


UptimeButler. Checks up to 5 sites, every minute. Alerts through email, web hooks or Slack.

Pingometer. Tracks your site’s status 24/7 (for one site from one location) along with smart alerts and detailed reports via SMS or email while maintaining 100% accuracy.


Uptimia. Performs check for up to 1 site every 5 minute (from 5 locations), and notifies immediately via email about downtime.

Insping. Monitors your 2 sites in 5-minute intervals and notifies via SMS or Slack as soon as a downtime is detected and does support socket, port and DNS monitoring.

DOMAlert. Monitors up to 5 sites per month and checks your site every 5 minutes, supports ports and servers too, and notifies via email when site stops responding to DOMAlert pings.

Happy Apps. Checks your 3 websites every 5minute with email notification alerts, displays the overall status for individual sites and also monitors databases and app servers.

AppBeat. Monitors for 5 sites with 5-minute interval and sends you email notifications during downtime. It also supports Slack and webhook integration and can schedule maintenance with status pages.

SynTraffic. Performs real-time monitoring of up to 2 websites (from 2 geographical locations) and sends smart alerts, sends last day reports and also allows creating public status pages.

Uptime Doctor. Constantly observes your 5 websites (every minute) and push alerts via email (up to 50/month), and also supports monitoring services like SSH, HTTPS, etc.

Site-Monitoring.NET. Sends SMS or email alerts during technical issues on the site, checks your site every 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes, emails statistic reports and keeps up to 2 years detailed monitoring history.


FreeSiteStatus. Supports monitoring 1 website (every hour) from 31 worldwide locations, keeps a constant check on your website with simple email alerts, and provides uptime and performance reports with graphs and statistics.


Uptime Dog. Checks your site every 2 minutes from two geographical stations, sends notifications via email and requires no download but just placing their HTML link on the site.

DownNotifier. Sends downtime notifications via emails and checks the site every minute, supports 1 websites’ check per year and provides simple reports on your website’s downtime.

Monitive. Provides performance and uptime reports of your site, monitors your 1 site every 10 minutes, including HTTP, FTP and MySQL services, and sends instant alerts through email or Twitter.


Port Monitor. Performs a check of your site (max. 2 websites) and content every minute, and sends email and push notifications.

LiveWatch. Checks the site every 10 minutes from several locations and alerts via SMS or email, allows integration of LiveWatch data in webpages and also offers socket and DNS monitoring.

Anturis. Monitors up to 5 sites from multiple worldwide stations with full page load monitoring, checks every minute and offers unlimited email alerts for free.


Pingability. Notifies via SMS or email when your site (supports unlimited websites) is down, provides detailed reports and analysis of your site and checks/verifies uptime from multiple locations.

My Hosting Uptime. Checks your site at specific intervals from several locations, monitors 24 x 7 x 365 and gives downtime alerts via email or Twitter along with reports.

MonTools. Analyses site every 30 minute to 1 day and notifies through email, SMS or Twitter during downtime, also monitors HTTPS, FTP, MySQL and IMAP servers along with SSL certificate verification.

UptimeSpy. Checks your 1 site from global locations and sends email notifications when site goes offline, monitors at specific intervals in a day.

Host-Tracker. Monitors the site 24/7 and sends instant response alerts via SMS, email or Skype, database monitoring and sends detailed reports weekly/monthly/yearly per choice.


WebsitePulse. Offers 24/7 monitoring on every 30 minutes, alerts you via email alerts, and provides simple alerts and reports only.

Monitis. Checks for up to 5 sites, notifies instantly during site outages via SMS, Twitter or email, checks the site every 15 minutes, and provides real-time views and reports with monitoring history.

ServiceUptime. Monitors every 30 minutes and notifies via email or SMS on site’s outage, provides a historical data of your site on the web, and supports up to 10 monitors (or sites).

BinaryCanary. Maximizes your site uptime with every 15 minute monitoring, sends alerts via SMS or email, and shows detailed reports and statistics in the control panel.


GotSiteMonitor. Checks your site (up to 5 monitors) every 10 minute and sends instant SMS or email alerts, also checks the site’s SSL certificate, web page content and web servers.

Monitority. Checks every second, sends instant notifications via SMS on site outage with 24/7 tracking and allows you to monitor a new server within just 10 seconds.

Uptime Robot. Avails 50 monitors (every 5 minutes) and provides statistics reports on site’s response time, sends alerts via email, SMS or Twitter and more, and allows sharing site stats publicly.

SiteUptime. Monitors 1 site, sends alerts through email during site downtime, checks every 30/60 minutes, also monitors FTP and SMTP, and allows sharing reports in public status pages.

StatusCake. Allows unlimited monitoring with every 5-minute check rate, sends unlimited alerts via email, also supports monitoring from random locations worldwide.


InternetSeer. Checks any one website every 60 minutes with email alerts during outages, and sends weekly reports for details performance statistics.

Uptrends. With 30-day trial, Uptrends monitors every 1-60 minute and sends reports via email and SMS, capture error snapshots from the browser, allows exporting data and supports periodic maintenances.

Basic State. Checks your site every 15 minutes and sends alerts via email or SMS at site downtime, and provides regular uptime report with 14 days history.

Montastic. Delivers instant email alerts during site outage, monitors every 5 minutes, supports HTTP authentication and also verifies the presence of specific web page content.


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