You Don’t Have to Be a Slave to Your Browser

Here are five reasons why you should use multiple browsers. This article is originally from About the author: Sandy Stachowiak is a freelance writer, IT project manager, and team supervisor from Florida who loves writing about technology. Image courtesy of OSTILL via Bigstockphoto.

Round and around the disagreements go regarding the best browser. As those wars continue, one thing is for certain. You do not have to be a slave to a single browser. Who says you can only use one? The answer is nobody. So, break the rules, experience the freedom, and enjoy the flexibility. Here are five reasons why.

Home Is Home, Not Work (or School)

Some companies or schools may require you to use a specific browser. They might monitor internet activity for security reasons or to be sure inappropriate sites are not being accessed at their location. If you like to use the same browser for both work and home simply due to preference, then great. But the bottom line is that you do not have to do so.

For example, if you are used to using Microsoft Edge on your work computer but love the Speed Dial and Discover features of Opera, then open the one you like when you get home. And, if you need to have the same bookmarks for both, you can export them or use a browser extension to keep them in sync.

So, keep in mind that the browser you must use for work or school does not have to carry over to your personal choice at home.

Mobile Is Mobile, Regardless

When it comes to browsing or searching the web on your mobile device, you do not have to feel stuck with the default browser. For example, just because you have an iPhone does not mean you are required to use Safari.

On the other hand, just because you use Firefox on your computer, for instance, doesn’t mean you have to use it on your tablet too. There are benefits of using the same browser on both such as syncing your bookmarks and viewing your history. However, if you like the way that a mobile browser looks or the features it provides, then go for it.

You Don’t Have to Be a Slave to Your Browser

Maybe you like the Dolphin or Puffin options for your device-specific browser. After all, these browsers offer features that are perfect for mobile phones and tablets. Perhaps the gesture-drawing feature of Dolphin gives you more flexibility on-the-go. Or, maybe the customizable display from Puffin lets you display exactly what you want on that smaller screen.

Whatever your mobile browser choice, just remember that it does not have to match your computer choice, unless you find it necessary.

Your Activities Make a Difference

Are you an online gamer? Do you watch tons of YouTube videos? Are email notifications important when browsing the web? Using more than one browser for several types of online activities is normal and perfectly fine.

For instance, you might enjoy playing offline Chrome games while you are traveling. However, you prefer the videos extensions offered by Firefox for when you arrive at your destination. You can and should certainly use the browser that gives you the best possible online experience for your activity. And, if this means using different ones for different things, they by all means do it.

Whether it is speed, security, extensions, or features you require, using separate browsers for your activities is not only acceptable but sensible.

Don’t Miss Out on New Versions

If you are a die-hard when it comes to your browser and never veer off the path to another, you may easily miss new features, fixes, and options that you would enjoy.

For example, maybe you were annoyed that you were unable to update Firefox on your Mac because you did not originally install it. Well, Firefox 49.0 released in September 2016 has fixed this issue. As another example, perhaps you were unhappy with the battery consumption when viewing videos on Chrome. An updated version of the Chrome browser, also released in September 2016, took care of that problem.

You Don’t Have to Be a Slave to Your Browser

Aside from enhancements to functionality and fixes to issues, new features can pop up all the time on the most popular browsers. Using more than one browser can assist you with these updates that may have been holding you back from its usage in the past.

Perform Cross-Browser Testing

While this may seem like an obvious reason for many, some people still do not partake in cross-browser testing. Whether you have your own business site or work for a company offering that service, testing the pages in multiple browsers is crucial. This not only ensures that the site looks and works correctly on all browsers, but saves you from the repercussions if it does not.

There are many helpful tools available for cross-browser testing. These allow you to view your pages in multiple browsers in a few simple steps. But, if the true experience is what you seek, then opening the website and pages in each browser might be your preference.

If using different browsers to test your website’s appearance, navigation, or functionality saves you from lost visitors, clients, or potential customers, then it is worth the effort.

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