7 Simple Ways to Boost Your Website’s Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is the best thing your website can hope for. These visitors are actively searching for you and have made a conscious decision to visit your site. They’re instantly engaged. Best of all, they’re free. Here are seven things you can do to boost your website’s organic traffic right away:

1. Encourage Natural Links

Backlinks to your site are an important part of your search rank. The more times other sites link back to you, the higher you’re going to appear. It’s important to make sure your links are legitimate, however. According to former Google executive Matt Cutts, “The objective is not to ‘make your links appear natural’; the objective is that your links are natural.”

For more information on natural link building, take a look at this video:

2. Reach Out to Prospects Via SMS

If you want to drive prospects to your website, you need to make it as simple for them as possible. SMS is great for your audience because they can sign-up for alerts by texting a simple one-word code to a 5 or 6-digit number. Once they’re subscribed, you can rest assured that they’ll receive your message. On average, 97% of all text messages are opened, most of them within the first five minutes. For simplicity and effectiveness, it’s hard to beat SMS.

3. Focus On Social Media

Social media presence doesn’t correlate directly to your search rank, but it has a strong indirect correlation. When your content gets a lot of shares and discussion on social media, it’s going to be viewed by more people – leading to interaction and referral traffic. This does have a strong influence on search rank, boosting your organic traffic.

4. Fix Your Website’s Technical Problems

If you have technical problems on your website, it’s going to hurt your search rank. First, Google and other search engines won’t be able to access and read information that they can’t access. Second, they’re going to ding your score if your website isn’t easily accessible. Make sure 301 redirects are used to minimize the amount of 404 errors. Avoid using JavaScript since search engines cannot read it effectively. Minimize the use of images and other content that slow down the performance of your site.

5. Create a High-Quality Blog

One of the best ways to boost organic traffic is by regularly updating your blog. You can use blog posts to focus on keywords and provide a huge boost to SEO. Most importantly, people love blog posts. On average, a well-maintained blog will improve the amount of leads you generate by 67%. Despite this, only 9% of marketing departments have a full-time blogger, giving your company a true edge over the competition.

6. Lower Your Bounce Rate

Search engines really penalize high bounce rate, so you need to fix it whenever possible. If specific keywords or pages are producing a high bounce rate, fix your content so it’s optimized for those users. You’ll keep people longer and enjoy a huge SEO boost.

7. Add Alt Tags to Your Images

Adding alt tags makes you more visible to people using search engines to find images. As an added benefit, whenever your images appear in a search result, it provides an SEO boost to your entire website.

Do you have any tips on how to boost organic website traffic? Make sure to share them with a comment below!



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