Blogging 101: 5 Tips to Increase Your Traffic

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You have always wanted to see comments and shares rolling once you hit that Publish button for your newest blog post, however, it doesn’t happen.

Why it seems like your post receives less to no engagement when you have put a lot of effort to create a great content and you know for sure it deserves loads of audience? What’s probably lacking?

Here’s the thing: Your post might be that great and relevant but for your blog to be read more, you need to apply some tactics in order generate traffic.

If you ever think your blogs are worthy of reads, then apply the below tips and finally get a higher rank in Google’s search queries and gain huge number of audience.

Tip1: Share your posts more than once

As cited from Verve Search, Garrett Moon claims that “companies do not share their blog contents as much as they need to.” In addition, it has been said that most bloggers have the mentality to share just once and forget.

Bloggers have been practicing to publish a content then share to their social media channels once. However, there is a tendency for audience and/ or readers to miss the initial communication. That being said, it is suggested to do the sharing multiple times.

Like for instance, you have posted a particular content today and have it shared on Twitter, Facebook and Google. The next days, you can tweet about it again and share it again on Facebook the following week. Just be certain you’ll include different messages and captions for them to not appear as spammy.

Tip2: Participate in blog commenting

You may have already known that responding to your blog’s comments is relevant. But do you know that you should also do the same on other sites, too?

As a blogger, you have to research and comment on blogs which compliment your business and have the same audience as you. Add a genuine comment by saying why you loved it (You can mention in your comment your favourite portions of the blog). Continue the debate by asking a question or putting another point of view across. Once you get some attention and responses, you can now try to mention your site and make references directing to one of your posts that deemed relevant to the flow of conversation.

Tip3: Get influencers to write for you

Another tip to grow readership is to invite influencers to contribute to your blog. Reach out to the bloggers in your niche with huge social followings and who can provide excellent guest post.

Through this, you won’t only be provided with great content; you’ll also get access to powerful distribution channel in the form of their social network.

Of course, you would need to pay for them but see to it that they will share the post/s on their social media as part of the agreement. Apart from the payment, you can also offer a link back to their website or a free use of your product and/or services.

A plus you can get from their contribution is that they may link to something they have written for your blog in the future for they often write for other big sites as well.

Tip4: Do keyword searching

Before you sit down to write a blog post, it is important to find out what relevant keywords are. As a blogger, you need to know the words, phrases and search terms which people use when they are looking for information.

Upon ensuring that you provide your post with relevant keywords, people will find your blog easier when they search to Google.

Tip5: Repurpose your content

As cited from HubSpot, “You don’t have to create content day in and day out. You just have to work on getting the content you already have in the hands of more people.”

The main concept of repurposing a content is putting a new spin of what you have already created thus, giving it a new life.

As articulated by Aaron Aguis, repurposing of content will make you 1.) Reach new audience, 2.) Reinforce your message and 3.) Improve your organic visibility.

In order to do this, make a list of your most popular blog posts on your site and find out how you can transform them into other content formats like the following:

  • Podcasts – record while read your article aloud and upload it to iTunes
  • Screencast – record yourself doing something, add voiceover the n upload it to YouTube
  • Slide presentation – make a slide show of your article and upload it to SlideShare
  • eBook – turn a series of your posts into eBook which can be downloaded as PDF


Increasing your blog’s traffic may require constant effort. However, you certainly would not want that great content of yours to be put into waste since it indeed deserves to be spread and read. Reaching a much bigger audience sound pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

If you desire your blog to reach further, then abide the above – mentioned tips. As you do, ready yourself to be notified with loads comments and shares on your next posts!


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