What information do you need to get started?

To maintain a cost-effective, efficient service, PSD to Final makes use of common third-party tools and services, including Dropbox, Jump Chart and Pro Work Flow.

PSD to Final needs the following information to be added to your shared Dropbox “project” folder, prior to commencement of any work:

From the creative team:

  • Completed, layered (with intelligent labels) PSD file
  • The client logo as a separate vector-based file (AI, EPS, SVG) or a large, transparent PNG file
  • True Type font files for all of the fonts used in the project (even Arial and Helvetica)
  • A developers’ brief, detailing special functionality and behaviour of elements (eg, slideshow behaviour, navigation behaviour on hover / resting states, etc)
  • High resolution versions of the images, photos and illustrations used in the website content
  • Links to the clients’ streaming video channels if streaming video is to be used (Youtube, Vimeo, HowCast, etc)
  • Completed content with obvious headings and notation on what media is to be included on each page (JumpChart is PSD to Finals preferred platform, but Word Documents, OpenOffice Documents and Rich Text Documents are also accepted)

From the tech team or the client:

  • If PSD to Final is not hosting the new website
    • FTP and Database (MySQL preferred) access information for the existing server
    • An assurance that a new subdomain for the old website has been set up (eg http://archive.mydomain.com) and is password protected
  • If PSD to Final is hosting the new website and will be liaising directly with the clients’ IT support team
    • Contact information for their current domain manager or IT support team
    • An “authority” to act on the clients behalf in relation to domain name settings (DNS) management

For the quickest possible start:

  • Create a new folder in your own Dropbox account and add all of the required files (including the developers’ brief) prior to ordering
  • Create a new project in your JumpChart account and enter all content, with comprehensive notes prior to ordering
  • Invite info@psdtofinal.com to the Dropbox project folder and the JumpChart project