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Setup an Out-of-Office Auto-Responder

in Email Setup

When you’re on vacation or out-of-office for a day-long meeting, would you like to send an auto-reply to email messages that you receive? Follow these instructions:

Login to your email account using webmail (

You’ll then see cPanel’s main screen, which will look similar to the photo below. Click the Auto Responders button near the bottom of the main screen.


You’ll then see a screen that looks similar to this:


Fill in the form that appears, using the image above and the following details as a guide.

  • I recommend leaving the Character Set on utf-8.
  • Set the interval to 8 hours. This interval controls how often a sender will receive your auto-reply. You don’t want your colleagues to get an auto-reply every time they email you if they send you a handful of messages throughout the day.
  • Enter your full name in the From field.
  • Enter something like Auto Reply or Out of the Office in the Subject field.
  • Leave the HTML box unchecked.
  • Enter the message you’d like to auto-send as a reply to incoming emails.
  • Use the Start and Stop options to set start and end dates and times.
  • Finally, click “Create/Modify”.
  • Click the Log Out button in the upper right corner. That’s it.

If you configured it to start immediately, you can now send a test message from another email accounts to make sure it’s working.